Take a deep-dive into our lyrics and tracklists

Kuwaisiana is a proudly bilingual project developed by +Aziz. Below are our tracks.


The band’s lyrics offer reflections to rampant problems we see today: gentrification, climate change, the erosion of human rights, school shootings, etc. The songs strive to frame Arab angst in a poetic manner to make it palpable for rock audiences across the West and Middle East.


Part of being a ‘3rd culture’ artist today means engaging with many potent thoughts with confidence: xenophobia, censorship, money laundering, identity policing, Arab supremacy, faking history, nepotism, homophobia, the relationship between the powerful and their victims, the failings of our democracies. This is to a large extent what we care about as a band.


There’s a certain absurdist despair embedded in the Kuwaiti identity (and perhaps the Khaleeji identity too) that I think warrants lots of artistic attention. What does it mean to be Arab today? What does it feel like to be a young Khaleeji today? To what extent can a Kuwaiti feel at home in the Arab-American diaspora? What is the Arabian Peninsula’s role in the Middle East as the world’s fragmentation increases?