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With songs in Arabic & English, Kuwaisiana is a bilingual alternative rock trio based in Seattle-Tacoma 🇰🇼🇺🇸🇵🇸Inspired by +Aziz’s Kuwaiti-American identity, they provide an articulation of Arab angst and the bliss of becoming one through music. 

+Aziz originally formed the band as an 8-piece (New Orleans, 2016) and then re-formed it as a trio (Seattle, 2022) with Yousef Shami (drums) and Brian Riedel (bass).


We’re bringing our sound to Portland this weekend! Pumped to play with @tndrgrl and @sodajinxpdx at @pdxswandive on Saturday (6.29) followed by a stop at Olympia’s @le.voyeur.olympia on our way back on Sunday (6.30). Details in our bio.

Next Seattle show: July 12th 💫

📸 @rabbithutchpunk 

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Achievement Unlocked 🔓 We began livestreaming to bring our Tribe of Tribes newsletter to life & create a path to podcasting. It took ~2 months to move from idea to building an operational workflow. It worked! We tested a feed going into Twitch from OBS using a Sony DSLR. For audio we used an AKG room mic and SSL2+

Excited to refine & level up!

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I first tried makeup in a theater class at Penn State 👨🏻‍🎓 My curiosity took on a fresh turn after realizing a Patreon supporter is a makeup wiz 👩🏻‍🎤

We tried this “K” concept & the results were FAB 💋 DM for a glimpse at the Pinterest board! Going to gather materials to replicate this look.

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Floating ☁️ Join us Thursday for another livestream! 

Brian and I will be hanging out 11am-1pm to chat about a mix of band updates, playing music & commentary on topics like nepotism and what it means to be a good bandmate ♥️ Putting “design bumpers” on the ol to do list!

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A good drummer holds down a beat but a GREAT drummer is someone who fully apply themselves, bringing a whole other layer to a band’s workstreams across songwriting, practices, recording process, etc.

Excited to be cooking up new material this summer!

📸 @rabbithutchpunk 

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The future is multicultural 🇲🇽 🇱🇧 Beautiful work by @nlvss702

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Last night was unforgettable 📸 Thanks for snapping these moments Rebecca Berrace and Ayesha Q! Make sure to follow @shaker_bloomheart and @raenandfire for phenomenal music!

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Can’t tell you the last time we performed in a well lit room. Grateful for windows🪟and these great shots from @barksdalejonesphotography!!

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In the studio groove: we have about 4 new songs to take from raw to refined. The next batch is refining our recording workstream and it’s starting to show fruit in our productivity💡 PS: As you see we’re keeping books around to stay curious & inspired. Time to read!

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Being shunned by your people, whether it’s family, friends or a broader community, can be triggering for those of us on the margins of belonging.

🗳️ Here are 3 tips for dealing with those who shun you. Add your advice in the comments:

1) Remember why you began on your path to begin with. Don’t allow their ghosting or callousness to overshadow the bigger mission you’ve embarked on.

2) Take the higher road. Mirror their word count and keep your emotions out of it. If they ghost or start writing in an unusual way, focus on identifying if there’s anything in the relationship worth salvaging. Read between the lines and allow that to help you make peace with letting them go.

3) Being shunned can motivate some to double down  and work harder, but if you feel broken, take a step back. Find new faces and communities that can help you move on. Trust that you’ll find more supportive people even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

📸 @rabbithutchpunk 

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Guess the artist 🧐 Yes, it’s a Keffieh made of silky smooth hair. #palestine #art #fineart #keffiyeh #hair #arabart #arab
We had an absolute blast on Friday, hands down the most fun night since getting together. It was @layla.riedel’s birthday alongside the venue owner’s 🤯NEXT SHOW: 5.19 at Royal Room. Featuring @omarhagagonemanband on oud #inshallah

Insider factoid: This venue is where Nirvana played their first Seattle show!

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Back at it this Friday ⏰ Seattleites join us 8PM tomorrow @centralsaloon as we open the set for Mike’s b-day bash!

10:20pm - @chrome_lakes
9:30pm - @fleshproduce 
8:45pm - @kingnajmusic 

Cover $10 / Doors 7pm 

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Brian plays two main characters on camera 📸 #rattlesnake #smile #ootd #genz
We counted 12 shows in our first year together. Can we bump it up to 24 this year? We have 3 next month alone 😬

BONUS 🎁 🎉 New music video for Lost Empire drops 4.19. Can’t wait!!

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Brian communicating with the bass Gods. Really enjoyed playing this little bar in Tacoma ♥️
This show turned into a proper photoshoot! Holy smokes; definitely wore the correct guitar strap for this occasion with @rabbithutchpunk 📸  More soon!

⏰ We’re switching gears to focus on recording after tonight’s gig. It’s the Ramadan Lull until we release our music video in April. 

It was so cool to meet @bearhugtacoma and get these photos from @rabbithutchpunk. Everyone was in such a good mood despite the batshit crazy world we live in. MAJOR SHOUT OUT TO @hopelesshorizons for a great set. The vocals were so dynamic and doing acoustic in the middle was hyyype. 

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House parties never get old 🏠🎈So nice to get back to this. Next show will be in Tacoma on SATURDAY FEB 24TH @airporttav. Follow our friends @bearhugtacoma!! 

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Next show is tomorrow! Join us at @chopsueyseattle via the link in our bio 🌟 PS: check out our new website design. Freshly updated for the years ahead 🙂 

📸 @ianphares 

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We had a blast performing at @bushwickbookclub’s evening of songs inspired by Aesop’s Fables. Some really amazing, accomplished songwriters performed @townhall_seattle. 

Our next show this Thursday @chopsueyseattle!

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The magic is within. Unleash it for the betterment of all 🌈 Our shows for the new year already look interesting!! 🎇

LET’S GO 👏🏼 Bushwick Book Club: Aesop’s Fables, Saturday, Jan 13 · 6–11:30 PM @ Town Hall Seattle (1119 8th Ave). We’re writing a new song for this.

Jan. 18 🚨 Making noise @chopsueyseattle ($15 ADV, Thursday night) with @cherrydragonband and @pent_up_band. Doors 7pm, music starts 8pm.
Swipe for crew + some video ⏭️ New tracks dropping in ‘24 🎧 Patreoners hear em first. Link in bio
Spotted by Brian 🛑 Chub is a song that was originally commissioned by an indie Kuwaiti movie director. It means ‘shut up’ in Kuwaiti. Somehow we found the same word at a venue we were playing at!

The song has added a lot of dimension to the new Kuwaisiana sound. Excited to share soon 🤍 #seattle #bands #kuwaiti #signs #goodtimes
Thank you Portland! The first of many great nights as we grow the fam 🏆 We’ll be supporting Yemen Blues *AGAIN* on Tuesday @nectarlounge. 

Come get it 💋 

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Starting to see the light 🙂 next stop is Tacoma! Excited to get back onstage with refreshed energy 💪🏻 Join us @thevalleytacoma Friday night! Music starts at 9pm. Unsure what time we’re starting 😅

For the record, we sing about Palestine at essentially every show through a song called The Journalist. I’m 100% sure it’ll feel different performing the tune moving forward. It’s already felt different during practice.
We play our first weekend night this Friday 👏🏼 🎉 Playing @thevalleytacoma, $10, music starts 9pm. 

All the previous shows we’ve done have been weekday nights 🤔 Honestly I wasn’t super confident we’d reach this milestone so soon but it shows you how important it is to keep the faith!
Finally made it out to Tokyo where @officialtowerrecords is alive & well! Spending some quality time digging into Japanese music via @towerrecords_japan and other stores. Swipe and see or check out my Stories @plusaziz!

Everyone in the band LOVES Japanese culture so I’m hoping to bring @yousefshamidrums and @islapadabassalldayy out here one of these days🤞🏼 #tokyo #keepdreaming #kuwaiti #instatravel #motivated
Check out the birthday celebration donuts! 🍩 @mightyodonuts is the most delicious. Nice shirt btw @layla.riedel!

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Here’s to letting the strings guide your soul 🎸 In pursuing “guitar mastery” there's a feeling to savor every step of the voyage. 

Every ritual, every show booked, every moment of confusion vs clarity, each chord learned or rhythm tightened… is a brushstroke on the canvas of your musical odyssey.

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Thank you to the 12 awesome humans who came out to support us on a LATE WEDNESDAY EVENING. You’re the real #MVP!

Next show? Inshallah October 5th. Right before my 40th birthday 🥳
To those looking for a midweek energy boost: let us be your uppers ⬆️ Join us at @realarttacoma or @conorbyrnepub (Ballard) to celebrate what's left of Summer.

Sharing the stage with @northbynorthmusic @race.to.the.light @honey_bee_breakfast on 8.9

@jamn.band @snafflehound

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Hello from the ladies room✌🏼Had a great night @ The Funhouse. Nice to finally play for an audience out here. 

Next up: Aug 9 at @realarttacoma >> Aug 16 at @conorbyrnepub 💫 

It’s been a wild ride diving headfirst into the thriving Seattle scene! My bandmates have been absolute gems & the energy here is electric. I'm soo ready to unleash my talent and shake things up like never  before. With an abundance of incredible bands around, it's crucial for me to find the crew & support system to propel us to the top.

We're not just dreaming big — we're taking action! We're on a mission to dominate the stage by playing two mind-blowing  shows every month. By working with different engineers (and maybe even  producers) we'll get the chance to push the boundaries of our sound.

I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to each and  every one of you who's vibing with us and tuning in to our wavelength.  Super happy to have you hear on the Kuwaisiana journey.

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What's in a logo? After eagerly working with a number of designers, we’ve finalized a new logo design to plaster all over the world!

Excited to be on the cusp of revealing a fly new logo. New ID coming soon so kiss this one goodbye 👋🏻 

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