The initial chapter of my teenagehood
Was tainted by the bullies of my neighborhood

They said, why are you dressed in all-black?
Your fingernails are painted, you’re like a girl!

A fight breaks out, take me home
Kicking screaming, there’s no place like home

My innocence is bleeding in the sandlot
Won’t you show me something real.

We were exiting from our school’s gate.
We saw a fashionista getting pix in the sandlot
She wants you to try your luck, you handsome devil
Burnt and resurrected by the moon.

She stood up, little by little she’s bored
She said, don’t embarrass yourself

School’s out, igniting a red match
Relax, relax, on vacation
Suddenly, you get a heart attack
Please tell me something real.

Oh, I feel a fist eye for an eye.
I think I see her wink eye for an eye.
My tongue is on fire, my life is buried in the depths of the sandlot.

Damn boy, you dressed all in black?
Your fingernails, wow, they look nice
I think she’s getting bored
What’s wrong with her?


عكر شقاوة أولاد الفريح
صفو سنوات المراهقة الاولى

قالو ليش لابس اسود باسود
صابغ اظافرك كأنّك نثية

هوشة هوشة ودوني البيت
شوّت او صارخ , ما في مكان اجمل من الوطن

براءتي تنزف على البراحة
لو سمحت راويني شيء جوهري

كنْا تونا طالعين من باب المدرسة
شفنا fashionista تتصوّر بالبراحة
تبيك اتجرّب حظك يا مَزْيون
محروق و مبعوث تحت القمر

قامت ملّت شويّة شويّة
قالت (مالت على وجهك)

هدّة شبّت چبريت أحمر
كيّف كيّف على إجازة
فجأة يات لك سكتة قلبية
تگفه گول لي شيء ملموس
احس بضربة وحدة بوَحدة
لساني حامي عمري مدفون بعمق البراحة
لو سمحت راويني شيء جوهري

قالت مالت لابس اسود بأسود
أظافرك واو اتهبل يمعوّد
چنها ملّت شوية

Music & Lyrics

Chapter 2

Sink your teeth into Kuwaisiana’s Chapter 2 release, a 5-track exploration of Khaleeji and Arab-American identity. Working in Arabic and English, Kuwaisiana is a full-bodied band producing a danceable, dynamic sound that draws on world music and indie rock. Led by Kuwaiti singer-songwriter +Aziz, the 6-piece blends funk, rock, ska with New Orleanian jazz, adding a unique twist to what Indie Arab Rock can sound like.

Born out of +Aziz’s desire to explore parallels between American and Khaleeji cultures, Chapter 2 is the band’s followup EP to Chapter 1, which was released through Universal Music MENA. This 22-minute EP deepens the band’s exploration of the day-to-day experiences of Arab-American youth and the evolving viewpoints of Khaleejis living in the Arabian Peninsula. It will be self-released on Bandcamp and then published to streaming platforms.

Lyrically, +Aziz explores the cultures he knows so well through his metaphor-rich lyrics, which sustain a tension between conversational and a more evocative, poetic perspective. Kuwaisiana is making progress at a time when so much of the world is in flux. Give the EP a listen!

Chapter 3

This EP was recorded at Marigny Studios in New Orleans (2021) right before +Aziz’s relocation The 25-minute EP presents a full-bodied sound, mixing funk, rock, ska with New Orleanian jazz, adding a unique twist to what Indie Arab Rock can sound like. As the pandemic wore us all down, the band leader relocated to Seattle to push forward with his vision.

Chapter 1

Kuwaisiana’s, Chapter 1, is an awesomely interesting release by an equally intriguing band from New Orleans with bridges to Kuwait who combine the vernacular of topics between there and the US southern region. They cross bread everything from Cajun to Pop music in their combination of styles that never leave out the two areas in which they’re grounded, yet they have a universal appeal in the process. Chapter 1 wins on that premise alone.” James McQuiston, Editor at NeuFutur

Drawing fitfully from their surrounds, the septet’s sonics are bolstered by bursts of brass and the lilt of (apparently synthesized) accordion, conjuring a rootsy, Cajun vibe around +Aziz’s raw, DIY-rock approach. At the best moments, a barn-storming, street-party abandon overcomes these slightly flat, self-produced recordings… But there is a potent spice found amid this audio stew. Split into two “sides” — the first in Arabic, the second English — the lyrics on “Chapter 1” carry subtle weight as a reflection on the modern Arab experience.” Martin Wingham, Arab News

Given the current banal state of popular music, an album and a band like Kuwaisiana are just the tonic that is needed… So here’s to Kuwaisiana for treading new ground and charting a new path. In a musical landscape that sometimes feels too cookie-cutter and too safe, Kuwaisiana are paving new ground, and hot damn, it is awe-inspiring.” Greg Robson, Step Inside This House