Album Review: A Debut Playfully Bending the Rules

A heady sense of irreverence hangs over the debut album from Kuwaisiana, a US-based indie outfit led by Kuwaiti singer-songwriter +Aziz. The record’s wanton style-hopping and language-swapping has the sense not of willfully breaking the rules, but playfully bending them with a swagger and a smile. It may be no coincidence the band was born

Our Debut Album is Here!

Kuwaisiana - Chapter 1 Album Cover

The Future is Multilingual ⚡ Our debut album, Chapter 1 (الباب الأول) is being released through Universal Music MENA on 5.18. Good things come to those who work their butts off amiright? The press around the release has been decent, but one article stands out from all the rest. A heady sense of irreverence hangs